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As you go through your daily life, it is easy to feel anxious from time to time, and you may even wonder whether you need help for anxiety. However, fear and worry are a crucial part of what makes us human, and battling butterflies during pivotal moments is essential to our nature.

So, feeling a bit of agitation during a job interview or a presentation is perfectly normal and healthy as it is simply a sign of your body preparing for something big.

Unfortunately, some people struggle with these emotions far more than others and even feel anxious in moments when most people wouldn’t. This anxiety could mean that you may feel a wave of dread when faced with simple assignments, such as stepping out of your home or making a call.

In such cases, seeking help for anxiety is critical. While it is normal to feel fear now and then, it should never impede your daily life. If you are currently struggling with anxiety and would like help, please visit us at Courageous Kids Counseling or book a free consultation.

Signs That You May Need Help for Anxiety

You Struggle with Sleep

Anxiety and sleeping disorders often go hand-in-hand, with the picture of tussling around in bed while being dragged down by worries and fears being a common one to imagine. These late hours can be a tremendously difficult time for those dealing with anxiety, as it can often feel that your mind won’t stop diverting to negative thoughts and worries, regardless of what you do.

Naturally, losing hours of sleep has a domino effect that quickly leads to sleep deprivation and an increase in anxiety during the day, leading to you becoming less productive and more worried about your performance in your day-to-day tasks. Finding yourself in such a situation can be extremely troubling, but you must remember that it does not have to be this way.

At Courageous Kids Counseling, our goal is always to get you back in the driving seat of your life by giving you all the tools you require to change how you react to negative thoughts. Our therapists employ various methods of treating disorders and their symptoms and would be happy to offer their help for anxiety.

If you are currently dealing with sleep issues and would like to understand how therapy can help you overcome this problem, please book a free consultation with us.

You Catch Yourself Constantly Worrying

Whether you find yourself endlessly worrying about the future or ruminating over the past, overthinking is a typical symptom of anxiousness and is one of the core reasons people seek help for anxiety. Continuously having to ask yourself, “what if?” about various issues can easily lead to you getting stuck in a spiral of overwhelming and unanswerable questions.

Meanwhile, feeling as though you cannot go through each day without constantly being lost under a stream of thoughts can also be highly upsetting, as this level of fear may interrupt your daily tasks and keep you from achieving your goals. Additionally, stressful thoughts can quickly turn into negative ones, leading to other wellbeing issues, such as depression.

Fortunately, despite finding yourself in this endless tangle of worry, it is never too late to turn things around. One of the best ways to treat overthinking and other anxiety disorders is effective behavioral therapy.

Our therapists have extensive experience helping patients overcome their negative thoughts and find peace. If you would like to learn more about how we use behavioral therapy to treat constant worrying, please visit us in New City, NY, or book a free consultation.

You Often Put Off Your Daily Tasks

The feeling of dread when you look through your schedule and find something that you have put off cannot be understated. While for most people, this task may be a demanding social interaction or packing before a big move, for those dealing with anxiety, their fear is often over something trivial, such as replying to an email.

Finding yourself procrastinating simple tasks is one of the most evident signs of an anxiety disorder and a great indicator that you may need help for anxiety.

While it may feel easy to adopt an out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality for your schedule, you must always understand that the relief that putting off a task brings is only temporary.

Over time, the number of tasks you have to complete will quickly build-up, leading to an increase in anxiety and an overwhelming backlog. Procrastinating can also lead to a breakdown in relationships and work-life, as people may view you as unreliable.

However, we also understand that stopping procrastination is not the simplest of tasks, as constantly having to put things off mostly has to do with a fear of disapproval or failure.

Yet, you must also remember that anxiety and its symptoms are treatable, including procrastination. By visiting us in New City, NY, our therapists can help you understand how your negative thoughts are the root cause of your procrastination and how you can transform those negative thought patterns into positive ones. I

f you would love to learn more about how to beat the habit of procrastination, please leave us a call.

You Regularly Struggle with Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are strong, sudden, and shocking waves of fear and worry. In most cases, this anxiety leads to symptoms, such as excessive sweating, sharp pain in your chest, and an increased heartbeat, though there are various other symptoms. If you have never dealt with a panic attack before, it can be tremendously scary, with most people comparing it to feeling like a heart attack.

Fortunately, while panic attacks can feel horrifying, they are not fatal. However, remember that they are unexpected and can happen at any time, which is highly dangerous. In addition to this disorder being sudden, you also cannot stop the symptoms once the attack has started.
So, if you are currently dealing with recurring panic attacks, it is necessary to seek help for anxiety as soon as possible.

Panic disorders are rooted in fears and worries, and therapy is one of the best ways to explore how we engage with our concerns and anxious thoughts. To understand how we deal with panic attacks at Courageous Kids Counseling, please book a free consultation or pay us a visit in New City, NY.

You Do Not Cope Well in Social Settings

One of the many common symptoms of an anxiety disorder is when you find yourself persistently worried about being in a social space. While this setting may range from meeting a stranger for the first time to being around old friends, it often means that you are concerned about being around other people.

In most cases, it may mean that you may be scared of being judged by these people, or what they would say about how you look, what you wear, how you speak, and so on. Additionally, while you may understand that there is no basis for these fears, you may still find them constantly written on your mind.

Struggling to be in social settings can be highly limiting, as you may lack the experience of building strong social bonds, making new friends, and attending social events. This form of social anxiety disorder may also cause exclusion by friends, isolation, and loneliness, which can be immensely hurtful to your emotions.

At Courageous Kids, we believe that nobody should feel excluded and lonely because they struggle to be around others. You do not have to feel constantly isolated from people because you struggle with negative thoughts. Remember, social anxiety is treatable, and our therapists have used various methods to help patients understand how they can cope in social settings.

If you have consistently struggled in social spaces for years, please reach out to us. Our therapists have helped several people step into the light and would be delighted to extend their services to you. To learn more about how we can conquer your social anxiety together, please drop us a message or visit us at Courageous Kids Counseling, New City, NY.

Using Therapy to Get Help for Anxiety

For several years, therapy has been one of the best strategies to deal with anxiety. While there are various methods to deal with these disorders, one of the most effective things that we try to do at Courageous Kids Counseling is to provide the tools you need to stay ahead of your anxiety, even after our final session.

One of our most effective methods centers itself around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which involves putting you in the driving seat of your thoughts instead of the other way round. Together, we help you understand the various patterns of your mind, how you are currently reacting to these patterns, and the positive ways that you can respond to them in the future.

At Courageous Kids Counseling, our aim has always been to give people a chance to build strong social bonds, surpass their goals, and create healthy relationships for themselves, and we believe that therapy is one of the best ways to achieve these. So, if you or a loved one has been battling with anxious thoughts or requires help for anxiety, please do not hesitate to book a free consultation or visit us in New City, NY.


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