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Child Therapist for Anxiety

As your child grows older, it can be easy for them to become overwhelmed by the string of new experiences or emotions that they feel. Naturally, this may lead to them developing certain fears or worries during the various stages of their childhood. Unfortunately, while many of these fears are perfectly natural, some children fail to outgrow them.

Cases of anxiety in children can be highly troubling, as most facing this issue often adopt more passive or withdrawn behaviors due to their fears. Naturally, this can hinder their performance in daily activities, such as schoolwork, family life, and other social experiences.

At Courageous Kids Counseling, New City, NY, we understand how difficult watching this as a parent must be, but it does not have to stay this way. Therapy is one of the best ways to cure anxiety and at Courageous Kids Counseling, we make use of the most proven methods in helping children overcome their fears and worries. If you believe that your child is facing anxiety, please contact us or book a free consultation.

Signs to Look Out For if You Believe Your Child Has Anxiety

You must remember, anxiety is a highly common issue, and everybody faces it from time to time. Unfortunately, this means that spotting anxiety disorder can be far more difficult, and most parents often believe that their child’s emotions are normal. However, you should understand that cases of this disorder are far more severe.

In most situations, children facing anxiety disorder will often display a heightened response to most things that disturb them, including everyday issues that will not bother most people. This means that they may be anxious about engaging in conversation, going to school, and participating in everyday activities.

At Courageous Kids Counseling, we understand that this can be extremely troubling to watch, but we always suggest that you do not force your child to engage, as this may lead to physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, increased heartbeat, and even insomnia.

However, you must not give up either, anxiety can be cured and at Courageous Kids Counseling, New City, NY, we have used various treatment techniques to help children to rise above their fears and worries. If you believe that your child is facing this issue, then do not hesitate to speak to us, we offer free consultation and we will be happy to offer our services.

Anxiety Treatment is One of the Best Ways to Combat Fears and Worries

Unfortunately, because anxiety is normal, most parents can’t immediately notice it in their children. Additionally, because anxiety is a learned emotion, it can be even harder to spot because your child may have inherited the behavior from you. This means that when your child noticed that you were extremely worried about a certain situation, they may have picked up that emotion and applied it to their personal life.

Although anxiety can be tackled, it will not go away on its own. Instead, it will bed in as time goes by, making it much harder to be treated. This means that the moment that you notice that your child is displaying symptoms of anxiety disorder, you must seek help. While there are various ways that this issue can be treated, at Courageous Kids Counseling, we believe that there is no better method than therapy.

Our Treatment Plan

In our practice at Courageous Kids Counseling, New City, NY, our therapists will only ever employ methods that have high success in treating anxiety in children. These techniques focus on creating a treatment plan that will help your child come out of their last session standing far above their fears.

In our early sessions, we aim to help your child understand their anxiety, and how it may currently be hindering their life. We also try and discover the various triggers and how they can respond differently when they feel them.

This allows the anxiety to pass through rather than take hold. If you would like to find out more about how we treat anxiety disorders in children, please contact us, our therapists would love to answer any questions that you may have.

child with anxiety new city new yorkAnxiety Manifests in Various Ways

One of the most important things to understand about anxiety is that there is no single way that children express it. So, if you are unsure if your child has an anxiety disorder, you should remain on the lookout for its various forms.

Panic Disorder

Children are often diagnosed with this after they have at least two panic attacks. Generally, this is when they become briefly overwhelmed by various anxiety symptoms, most notably, shortness of breath, increased heartbeat, trembling, and dizziness.

Unfortunately, panic attacks can happen without any clear triggers, so your child may experience them at any time. If they have had any panic attacks, then we highly recommend that you visit us at Courageous Kids Counseling New City, NY for anxiety treatment. Our therapists have extensive experience in aiding with this issue and would love to help.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Children with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) often become anxious about a range of issues. In most cases, this means that they are almost always in a state of worry and very little things may trigger their anxiety. So, children with GAD may worry about their schoolwork, friends, relationships, or how well they perform in various activities.

One of the main issues that children with GAD often face is that they are often self-critical. This means that they often require reassurance about the most basic issues to soothe their worries, which can be quite overwhelming as a parent.

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

If your child has Social Anxiety Disorder, then they may likely have fears about interacting with people. This may be because they are worried about how people view them or what they say. Naturally, this may lead to issues in school where they struggle to develop social bonds or even have fears about being called up in class.

While there are several reasons that your child may have developed Social Anxiety Disorder, there is no single or simple answer.

This is one of the main reasons why we recommend anxiety therapy for children with SAD. During our sessions in New City, NY, we will attempt to help your child understand the importance of social interactions and building bonds. So, if you believe that this is a problem that your child is currently facing, we suggest that you book a free consultation with us at Courageous Kids Counseling.

Anxiety Therapy Puts Your Child Back in The Driving Seat

Having an anxiety disorder can be extremely limiting and, depending on the severity of the condition, it can hinder several aspects of life. At Courageous Kids Counseling, we don’t believe that children should go through their crucial years of development restricted by fears and worries. Instead, they should be free to experience new social interactions, build strong bonds, and be confident in their abilities, but these are things that anxiety simply won’t permit.

Fortunately, fears and worries do not have to be permanent, regardless of how many years that your child has carried them. Our therapists at Courageous Kids Counseling have employed some of the most highly researched anxiety treatment methods to help children get ahead of their anxiety and regain control of their life.

They are happy to hear about any issues that your child may be facing and how they can be solved. So, if you believe that your child is suffering from anxiety, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us in New City, NY.


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