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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

What is CBT?

You feel like you’re repeating the same mistakes. Hopeless and inevitable define your attitude towards everyday experiences. It’s time for a different outlook on life so things can begin to look up.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) offers a new way of thinking and acting that you can use in many situations. No longer stuck in the past, you can experience more positive outcomes now and in the future.

The goal is to change troublesome thought patterns or behaviors and promote positive feelings.  As the name suggests, we will challenge uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, and identify positive replacements.

At the heart of cognitive-behavioral therapy is challenging “core beliefs.” These are automatic thoughts that have usually been established at a young age. Core beliefs are usually not very transparent, but serve as the foundation for thoughts and actions. By discussing daily thoughts and actions, we can discover these automatic thoughts. If they are significantly interfering with your life, we need to change them! That is where the depth of our work together begins.

Boy receiving CBT therapy.

Why We Believe in CBT

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is highly effective in addressing underlying difficulties that contribute to personal, relational, and psychological issues.  

We use CBT because it encourages positive thinking and behavior. Our goal is to help maximize the potential for growth and success.

We have extensive experience using this treatment approach with children, adolescents, adults, and families. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help with issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Teen girl receiving CBT therapy.

CBT for Children

Your child may not fully grasp what they are thinking and feeling. This is a skill that takes time and practice to develop. We will implement CBT strategies using language your child can understand. They will learn to replace negative thoughts with more positive beliefs about themselves. Through experience and practice, CBT techniques can help your child experience success in a variety of areas, including friendships, school, and relationships at home.

For example, if your child states, “I am not good at school,” we can help them challenge the thought, and replace it with a more positive one, such as “I am good at lots of things” or “If I practice, I will get better.”

Your child will engage in active discussions and work together in this process.  We will also set positive and realistic goals. Homework assignments will be given (minus the grade!) to practice strategies learned during our sessions. While we will spend a little time discussing the past, that is not the primary focus of treatment. When your child learns about the core beliefs established long ago, they can then learn the steps to make changes so these beliefs no longer dominate their thoughts and behavior.

CBT treatment for young girl.

CBT for Teens

Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help your teen recognize beliefs that are holding them back from connecting with others and experience success at school. Oftentimes your adolescent may appear “moody” or “withdrawn.” This is the result of thinking that keeps them feeling trapped and helpless.  Without support, this could lead to bigger issues, such as anxiety and depression.

Through cognitive-behavioral therapy, your teen will learn a new way to respond to these thoughts that will lead them to take better actions. This will help your teen to believe in themselves and their abilities. Some of the benefits of CBT for your teen are: learning to communicate more often and in a positive way, engaging in healthy activities, and establishing goals for the future. Your teen will apply their new way of thinking to all facets of their life so they have a clear path forward.

Feel Better Now
Teen girl getting CBT therapy.

CBT for Adults

You’ve had years of practicing negative ways of thinking. This has probably led to patterns of behavior that are far from how you want to live. Cognitive-behavioral therapy provides a way forward so you can change the cycle and feel better about yourself. You will learn about the thoughts and actions that are holding you back, and identify how positive ideas and actions can move you toward your goals.

You can expect to see improvements in your relationships and career. Others will gravitate toward your positive energy. When your thinking is clear and you have a plan, you will feel like you can accomplish anything.  CBT is an approach that can liberate you from darkness. It is a proven strategy that will help you take action to reach the results you want from your life.

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Teen boy getting CBT therapy.

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