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To Feeling Better Now

Courageous Kids Counseling is a team of licensed social workers specializing in helping
children and teens overcome life’s obstacles and move toward a better future.

Roughly 1 in 5 children have, or will have a mental health issue. Older children (aged 12-17) are more likely than younger children (aged 5-11) to have received any mental health treatment.

Children who receive support at an earlier age are more likely to improve relationships, resolve conflicts, perform better in school, and successfully navigate life experiences.

We Help Children With


I want to help my child heal from the past.

Help Your Child Feel Relief


I want to help my child feel better.

Help Your Child Feel Joy


I want my child to feel less stress and worried.

Help Your Child Feel Calm


I want to help my child handle change.

Help Your Child Feel Secure


I want to help my child feel more in control and embrace uncertainty.

Help Your Child Feel at Peace


I want to help my child to experience healthy relationships.

Help Your Child Feel Connected

Online Therapy

In-person therapy is just one way to deliver support. The online option has numerous advantages.

Therapy for Children

I know it’s upsetting to see your child struggling and not know what’s wrong. You’re not alone.

Therapy for Teens

Teens need someone who makes therapy feel as though they’re talking with a friend.

Family Therapy

Counseling is not only for the individual that is having difficulties but is a group effort within the family.

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