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Child Counseling In New City, NY

Counseling can be the safe haven your child needs.

The world may feel like a scary place for your child right now.

Navigating childhood is not always easy for your child. There’s so much they need to explore and process in between their home, school, and social life. During this time, many things can happen to upset their mental and emotional balance. For instance, there may be sickness in the family, a difficult subject at school, or a bully on social media that attacks their self-esteem.

This can easily overwhelm your child, and although they might try to repress their feelings or pretend like they’re not affected, there’s no hiding the fact that something is wrong. Seeing your child act out or behave strangely and inappropriately can be overwhelming for you too. That’s because when your child is dealing with mental health issues, they can lash out and throw your help back in your face. How then do you make life better for your child?

This is where counseling comes in. If you’re looking for effective child counseling New City services, I’m happy to tell you, you have come to the right place. The good news is Courageous Kids Counseling offers free consultations, where we sit down to discuss the best counseling approach for your child. Give us a call and keep reading to find out the positive impact child counseling can have on your child’s mental health, growth, development, and happiness.

Get the Help Your Child Needs

It’s not always easy for your child to come out of their shell.

As your child grows, it takes time before they can approach problems in a mature and logical way. They are still learning – still developing their ability to cope with the confusing world around them. Therefore, they need all the support they can get. It may be tempting to punish your child for their snarky reply or uncooperative behavior. But too often, it helps to pause and examine the reason behind it.

Unfortunately, your child won’t always be upfront about what’s going on with them. Too often, they’ll shout, “Leave me alone!” or “Nothing is wrong!” if you try to probe. Yet, their behavior is actually a cry for help – they just don’t know how to express themselves constructively.

In these instances, your child may need a trained and qualified child counselor who can tease and coax them out of their shell. But, they also need you to realize there’s a problem and to take action to get the help they need.

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Erica was amazing helping us work through co-parenting issues. She was kind, patient, took her time to listen and help us come up with solution that worked for us. Highly recommend!

Julia Kushnir

Counseling provides the safe space your child needs to heal.

In most cases, being too close to a situation can cloud your judgment. However, I can provide the neutral and external perspective you need to facilitate your child’s healing. I understand that children don’t easily open up to parents, let alone strangers. I know it takes creativity and a willingness to interact with a child on their own terms before you can build a relationship of trust with them.

For instance, I discuss interesting matters with them until they relax and are comfortable opening up to me. I’m very patient during this stage because it’s essential that I create a genuine connection with your child. Additionally, I understand that a single approach doesn’t always work for every child. Your child is unique, so I take time to figure out the best way to convince them to lower their walls.

Are you ready to make your child feel safe and understood? Then, get in touch with our child counseling New City service today.

Happy child feeling relief from therapy, new city, nyCounseling can help your child process their thoughts and emotions.

Child counseling is important because by creating a safe place for a child to process their intense emotions, they learn how to be in control. We all know how simply talking about a problem is the first step towards healing. At Courageous Kids Counseling, your child will be provided with a healthy and comfortable environment to talk about their feelings without any judgment whatsoever.

This connects them directly to their emotions, and I will then guide them through the process of regulating these emotions, whether they’re dealing with anger, fear, envy, sadness, or something else. It’s my job to listen to them and to understand their world, so I can help them find a way out of the chaos and into the calm.

It’s always wonderful to see a child bloom once these counseling sessions begin to take effect. Your child will become more confident, and their self-esteem will increase. If they’re having trouble with their social life, this will improve once they develop important social skills and a healthy sense of their inner self.

Your child may be at a low point now, but once I help them work through their issues, emotions, and thoughts, they’ll be ready to launch into a higher level of growth and happiness.

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Counseling ensures your child grows into a well-developed adult

The benefits of child counseling are long-term, extending well into adulthood. So when you entrust me with your child, and once I earn their goodwill, I will help them develop coping mechanisms that will serve them for life.

When your child knows how to identify, process, and deal with their emotions, they’ll be able to solve life problems productively and constructively. So, even if they are being counseled for a specific issue or problem, they will be able to successfully apply the strategies they learn to future situations.

Additionally, by understanding their emotions, thoughts, and feelings better, your child will be in a better position to understand other people’s emotions, thoughts, and feelings. This can help transform your child’s relationship with you, their friends, and loved ones. Since children derive their sense of self from their social interactions, your child will have the confidence to thrive and excel in their sphere of influence.

Does this sound like wonderful news to you? Get in touch and show your child they can always get extra support when they need it. I will make sure your child remembers how counseling turned things around for them and that they never have to face problems alone.

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Children feeling better after being in therapy, new city, ny
Child talking to therapist, New City, NY

Not sure if your child needs help? Here are some signs to watch out for...

Sometimes it’s not always apparent when a child needs counseling. For instance, you may assume their behavior is normal for their age, especially if they’re experiencing hormonal changes. However, as a trained and experienced counselor, I can share with you some signs to look out for when determining if your child needs to talk to a professional.

Typically, these include unprovoked aggression and behavior that’s out of character, such as urine leakage, social isolation, lack of appetite, suicidal inclinations, addiction, and self-harm. In addition, if your child has experienced trauma, grief, parental divorce, or a significant change in their life, they will benefit from counseling. These experiences are already difficult for any adult to deal with – what more your child?

They need a way to cope with the sad, distressing, overwhelming, scary, and confusing feelings. You may not know it, but by contacting Courageous Kids Counseling, you have thrown your child the lifeline they desperately need to pull themselves out of the dark pool of negative emotions surrounding them.

Even if your child is only dealing with minor issues, counseling nips everything in the bud, saving you and your child more heartache down the line.

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Child feeling better after being in therapy, new city, ny

Child counseling helps support the parent too.

It’s tough being a parent without your child also acting out. You want a perfect family, and if something is wrong, you can feel guilty and inadequate as a parent. You want to have a great relationship with your child, but your actions don’t seem to be enough.

But you need not stress yourself. I’m here to support both you and your child. Your child knows you love them and are doing the best you can to help them even if they don’t always show it. So keep being the great parent you’re, and with the help of my child counseling New City service, you’ll be able to address the root cause of the problem instead of feeling like you’re going nowhere.

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We will collaborate to reach a common goal - your child’s happiness.

The wonderful news is, you and I have the same agenda. We both want your child to be happy and able to successfully cope with challenging life situations. If we work together, we can achieve this goal faster and more easily. I can tell you of many things you can do to ensure your child’s counseling sessions are productive.

You’ve already completed the first big step by choosing Courageous Kids Counseling as your partner in the journey to nurture your child. Now it’s your job to ensure they attend all appointments and practice what they’re learning in between these appointments. Shower them with love, give them positive feedback and let them know your support is available whenever they need it.

I’m willing and ready to take over where you leave off. My counseling services aim to equip your child with the tools, techniques, strategies, and methods they need to handle their emotions and master challenging life scenarios.

Your child may have low esteem, but I’ll help them understand that they’re loved and valuable, and I will show them how to stop the negative self-talk that gives birth to these feelings. If your child feels anxious and worried, I will teach them breathing exercises or journaling techniques that keep them calm and help them focus. If your child is nursing repressed feelings and blowing up at small things, I will get them to open up and unbottle their feelings.

There’s so much more I can do to improve your child’s quality of life – with your help, of course! Right now, I want you to know you’re doing a great job by getting your child the help they need. You can finally take a breath of relief, you are in the right place, and your son or daughter is in safe hands.

Sad boy in need of child therapy, New City, NY

Is counseling right for my child?

This is a popular question from many parents. They suspect that something is wrong, but they’re not sure what it is or what to do about it. If you ever feel that your child needs help, don’t ignore your gut feeling or hesitate to reach out. My child counseling New City services may be the solution you’re seeking.

How do I convince my child they need counseling?

No doubt you have experienced, first hand, your child’s unwillingness to talk about their problems. You’re afraid that counseling won’t work too. I won’t promise you that it will be love at first sight once I sit down with your child. It’s a long-term process, but eventually, your child will feel safe and comfortable enough to open up. Also, because I’m not too closely involved, I can be the objective pair of eyes that will help identify the root cause behind the issues your child is facing.

Let us help you!

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Want to know where to start?

In our work together, we will uncover what is missing from your child’s life, what’s holding them back in worry and despair, and what are the ways we can help them move toward a place of happiness and fulfillment.

We provide convenient online sessions.

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