Helping Children

Reach New Heights Learn To Communicate Understand Themselves

Through therapy, children find the courage to explore problems and reach new heights!

Your child is at a low point…

… and you’re searching for a way up. They refuse to go to school. Fear of being embarrassed or rejected consumes them. They hide under the covers, crying for hours. When you ask what’s wrong, they tell you to leave them alone.

It doesn’t matter how long ago the problem occurred.

Your child needs help now. Think about how difficult it is to admit when you have a problem. Now imagine how hard it is for your child to tell you how they feel. Through therapy, they will find the courage to explore problems and reach new heights.

Therapy heals old wounds.

By giving your child a new perspective and tools to overcome obstacles, you provide them the space to heal. Therapy is about trying something new. Therapy can be the way to climb out of patterns of worry or despair and to find other ways to face challenges. It’s only by trying something new they will discover how to reach their pinnacle of success.

Therapy means “keep going,” even if it’s hard.

Through endurance, your child can conquer challenges that keep them trapped in the past. There is a road forward that involves hard work but provides plenty of rewards. The good news is there is hope for healing.

It doesn’t matter how long ago the problem occurred.

Some obstacles may be challenging, but the journey is worth the effort, and will make your child stronger. Whether you have a child having problems in school with bullies or stress, we can help. We also help children whose parents are going through divorce and help them deal with the changes going on around them.

Online Therapy

Really, in-person therapy is just one way to deliver support. The online option has numerous advantages…

Therapy For Children

I know it’s upsetting to see your child struggling and not know what’s wrong. You’re not alone.

Therapy For Teens

Teens need someone who makes therapy feel as though they’re talking with a friend.

Family Therapy

Counseling is not only for the individual that is having difficulties but is a group effort within the family.

Our Testimonials

"Erica is an astute clinician utilizing the most current strategies to help your child in both individual and group settings. Her approach is warm and gentle."

- Laura O.

“I have known Erica for many years. She is a very kind and patient therapist who understands the needs of her clients. She is hard-working and dedicated to her field.”

- Jessica B.

“Erica was amazing helping us work through co-parenting issues. She was kind, patient, took her time to listen and help us come up with solution that worked for us.”

- Julia K.

Hi, I’m Erica Smuckler.

You love your child very much and can’t stand seeing them hurt. You’ve tried to fix the problem. You’ve told your child how much you are there for them, given lots of affection, and asked what you can do. Despite your efforts to give your child a happier outlook on life, there is a hollowness in their voice. They’re a shell of their usual self.

It’s time to look for additional support.

Getting help is not a reflection on your parenting abilities. Your child knows how much you care. They’re just in too much pain to accept your solutions. At this point, an outsider can provide a fresh perspective and new ideas.

But you need someone you can trust.

A person who gets how unique and special your child truly is. Who will respond in a caring, nonjudgmental, and compassionate way. Someone who understands and can completely relate to what they are going through.

Want to know where to start?

In our work together, we will uncover what is missing from your child’s life, what’s holding them back in worry and despair, and what are the ways we can help them move toward a place of happiness and fulfillment.

I provide convenient online and in-person sessions.

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