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In our daily lives, a variety of things can lead to us growing scared or nervous. These could range from standing up to give speeches at school to attending crucial job interviews. In many ways, it is natural to feel a bit of anxiety when you go through certain things, and it is a normal and human response to particular situations.

However, some people feel these emotions far more often than others, so rather than having fleeting moments of anxiety, they may feel constantly bombarded by an overwhelming wave of anxious thoughts.

n such cases, it can be far more difficult to go through your daily life while battling these emotions, which may lead to you struggling to form meaningful connections.

At Courageous Kids Counseling, New City, NY, we recognize how complicated and challenging this must be, and with up to 40 million adults in the U.S. being affected by an anxiety disorder, the issue is far more common than you may think.

However, this does not have to be the case. Anxiety disorders are highly treatable and at Courageous Kids Counseling, we believe that therapy is one of the best ways to cure them. If you think that you are struggling with anxiety, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation.

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Recognizing Your Anxiety is One of The First Steps You Can Take in Curing It

As everybody feels fleeting moments of anxiousness from time to time, it can be far more difficult for you to recognize or come to terms with your anxiety disorder. So, you may simply feel that because everybody gets worried or may panic from time to time, then there is no need to get treatment. However, this could not be further from the case.

You must remember, anxiety disorders are far more intense than mere moments of fear or nervousness. This may mean that you often have to deal with a racing heart or sweaty palms when you face certain scenarios that may not bother most people.

On the other hand, you may also feel a constant stream of fear and worry about various situations, such as having conversations, meeting people, or even stepping out of your home.

At Courageous Kids Counseling, we understand how difficult it is to go through each day with these symptoms, and we acknowledge how damaging an anxiety disorder can be.

However, this does not have to be the case. If you are showing any signs of an anxiety disorder, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. The first step in treating an anxiety disorder is recognizing it in yourself and realizing that you need a helping hand. Our therapists offer free consultations and would be glad to offer their assistance.

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Anxiety Treatment Puts You Far Ahead of Your Fears

Although it is possible to overcome your anxiety, you must understand that it is not the easiest of tasks. This is mostly because, by the time you realize that you have an anxiety disorder, most of your anxious behaviors may have already bedded in.

You must remember, anxiety is a learned behavior. This means that in most cases, the source of your anxiety disorder may either come from a parent or a highly traumatic and powerful moment that you experienced when you were younger.

So, if you constantly feel worried or scared, then you may have simply copied that behavior from an impactful figure in your childhood.

Naturally, this means that rising above an anxiety disorder often means diving deep into the issue, which is something that cannot be done alone. Once you believe that you have an anxiety disorder, then you must seek help as soon as possible.

While there are many ways that this issue can be treated, at Courageous Kids Counseling, we strongly believe that therapy is one of the most effective ways of getting past anxiety.

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Our Anxiety Treatment Plan

At Courageous Kids Counseling, New City, NY, our therapists use a variety of techniques and methods to help treat anxiety, and will only ever use a technique that they believe will give you the best chance of growing beyond your anxiety. In any case, the main goal of your treatment will be to train and give you all the tools that you require to beat this disorder.

During our sessions, you should expect us to explore each one of your fears and its various triggers. We may also gradually expose you to your fear, taking larger steps each time. This simulated way of dealing with any worry that you may have prevents you from avoiding the problem while also teaching you the different ways that you can cope with your anxiety.

If you would like to hear more about how therapy can be used to treat anxiety, then please leave us a call or visit Courageous Kids Counseling New City, NY.

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There are Various Ways that People Express Anxiety

One common misconception about anxiety is that there is only one, general way that people may feel anxiety, though this could not be further from the case. Depending on your childhood, experiences, and situation, your anxiety can manifest itself in various ways. However, there are generally three main forms of anxiety.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) or Chronic Anxiety Neurious is mainly associated with extreme and constant worry. You must note that this is quite different from ordinary anxiety, where a person may worry about something such as their health, finances, or relationships only once in a while, as those with GAD often think about them far more obsessively.

This means that if you have GAD, then the state of such things may constantly be on your mind. You could even find yourself thinking about them several times a day, despite knowing that there is no need to worry about them. In other cases, you may simply feel an overwhelming sense of worry or fear without being able to associate it with a specific thing. Naturally, this constant feeling of dread about anything can easily damage relationships.

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

This form of anxiety is often present in people that have a fear of being in social settings. So, if you have SAD, then you may have fears about forming new social bonds, talking to people, and joining in on social events. While there are various causes of this fear developing, it is likely because you have a fear of being judged by new people.

One common mistake is that people often confuse SAD for shyness. While being shy is fleeting and short-term, SAD is constant and persistent, and may often last throughout one’s life if it is not treated. Without being able to build on social connections, you may struggle in work on school, if you have SAD.

If you are severely struggling to build social connections and believe that your anxiety is the main cause of this, please book a free consultation or visit our practice at Courageous Kids Counseling, New City, NY, we will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Panic Disorder

People are often diagnosed with this form of anxiety disorder when they have recurring panic attacks. This is when you feel a sudden and destabilizing burst of terror and discomfort. Generally, a panic attack may last from between five to 20 minutes, though it may be longer in more extreme cases.

The main symptoms associated with panic disorders are shortness of breath, rapid beating of the heart, and excessive sweating. However, you may also feel slight chest pain, dizziness, and a fear of death. Panic attacks are extremely frightening and can greatly hinder your life as they can come out of the blue. If you are constantly dealing with this issue, then we highly recommend that you visit our practice in New City, NY. All therapists at Courageous Kids Counseling take this issue very seriously and would love to offer their help.

Anxiety Therapy is One of the Best Ways to
Wrestle Control Back In Your Life

In many cases, fear can be crippling. It hinders our ability to form meaningful bonds, speak up for ourselves, and take part in daily activities. At Courageous Kids Counseling, we believe that we shouldn’t spend our time constantly in this state. Instead, we should enjoy our daily lives and build strong, social connections with others.

Regardless of how many years that you struggled with this condition, anxiety therapy is the greatest tool that you can have in fighting back. It gives you a way to wrestle back control from fear and put yourself back in the front seat of your life. Our therapists have extensive experience in using anxiety therapy to quell worries and fears and will be glad to offer their services.

We also offer free consultations at Courageous Kids Counseling, so if you would like to learn more about anxiety disorders, please contact us or visit our practice in New City, NY.

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