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‏Most teens would have slammed the door and threatened not to come back several times by the time they reach their twenties. Well, after all, the teenage years are some of the most confusing years of one’s life.‏

‏However, there are some instances when this behavior gets a little bit out of hand. As a parent, you might find yourself wondering if your child’s attitude is normal or if they need intervention. The good thing is you are not the first or the only one. Most parents go through the same phase of finding it difficult to differentiate between regular teenage emotional storms and behaviors classified as not unusual.‏

‏You’ll often find that your teenage child can appear to be moody for no reason. This is because so many things happen during this phase of life, from the first break up to peer rejection and stress from school work. As a parent, this behavior can be pretty confusing.‏

‏As teens approach adulthood, they start to gain more insight into their thoughts and emotions. However, they will still have difficulties managing their emotions, solving problems, dealing with the consequences of their actions, and seeking guidance instead of taking the trial and error approach.‏

‏As a parent to a teenage child, it’s easy to start expecting them to act as an adult, which will result in you overestimating their ability to do things on their own. However, it’s essential to understand that though they may seem all grown up, teens still need a lot of support and direction.‏

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In our work together, we will uncover what is missing from your child’s life, what’s holding them back in worry and despair, and what are the ways we can help them move toward a place of happiness and fulfillment.

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Old Enough or Still a Child? ‏

With age comes experience, and that’s what your teenage child doesn’t have. They will be experiencing the most intense situations for the first time and essentially getting a taste of what adulthood is all about. Unfortunately, these situations usually bring about feelings of anxiety or depression.‏

‏For instance, your teenage child might be going through their first break-up. In their eyes, the feelings of misery they will be experiencing will seem to last forever. They might even be so strong that your child will refuse to go back to school, which will frustrate you as a parent.‏

‏All these new feelings your child will be dealing with can make it impossible to manage their daily life. Although they can attempt to work through these intense feelings, unlike you, the adult, it will be hard for them to see a positive outcome in their future. So when they start withdrawing from family and friends, it’s time to open the doors for them.‏

I Understand What You Are Going Through‏

‏As a parent, you will try so hard to explain to your teen that you have also been through the same phase and understand what they are going through. But, unfortunately, the minds of teenage children are closed off to the possibility that anyone other than themselves understands what they are facing and the difficulties they are going through. ‏

‏You may even hear your child saying things like, “Nobody should have to deal with what I’m facing” The intense emotions of loneliness and loss they will be feeling can make them defensive and guarded.‏

‏Teens also have to deal with the pressure to fit in. This results in them succumbing to peer pressure and following wrong advice from their friends. As you might expect, most times, following bad advice won’t end well. In fact, instead of helping solve things, problems can escalate and trigger a cascade of new issues. Unfortunately, most times, you’ll be shut out, and you can’t possibly begin to understand what your child will be going through.‏

‏As a parent, you may wonder why your advice and words of comfort won’t be having the effect you thought they would. But, unfortunately, at that stage, your child will be in a different emotional space. So, please don’t give up on them. Instead, keep trying to reach out and let them know you are there. The more suggestions and options you give them, the more they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Afraid of Disapproving Your Child's Behavior?‏

Let’s face it; when your child is the equivalent of an emotional whirlwind, you can end up being scared to disapprove of their behavior. Unfortunately for you, anytime you try to advise or discipline your child, things can quickly get heated, and you end up having huge arguments.‏

‏At Courageous Kids Counseling of New City, we seek to strike a balance between what the teen can handle and having them understand and follow their parent’s advice. Our Teen Therapy takes a no-judgment approach, and each of your child’s difficulties and challenges is validated. ‏

‏We also understand that sometimes at the beginning of our sessions, the child will initially be closed off and refuse to share. However, the therapist will build trust with time, and the child will start to open up. Our understanding of your child’s attitude and perspective at this age allows us to easily work with them through their challenges and problems at hand. ‏

‏With teen therapy, your child will start feeling a lot less overwhelmed. They will start communicating with you better, and they will even be ready to let you help them through some of their problems and challenges. ‏

‏Our goal during our teen therapy counseling sessions is to help your child get to the point where they understand that they have options when it comes to problem-solving. This will enable them to experiment and handle stress better. Additionally, they will also start relating better to the success stories of others, which will make it easier for them to approach problems and intense situations with more versatility.

Teen in need of teen therapy, New City, NY

Teen Therapy is All About Compassion and Patience‏

‏While your opinions and advice matter as a parent, sometimes it can be difficult for you to see things from your child’s perspective. It takes a lot of patience and compassion to deal with teens, and I can help. Your child needs someone who makes them feel like they are discussing things with their friend. This will make them feel understood instead of judged. ‏

‏After all, it’s easier to share secrets with your friend, not your parents. The friendly environment that we create makes them feel more comfortable and ready for them to open up. Also, once they let their guard down, they will start being open to other viewpoints and ideas.‏

‏As a compassionate and friendly figure, our approach when we carry out teen therapy is child-centered. I let teens lead the session, and instead of making it feel like a lecture, the goal is to make it more conversational. We get that in most instances, your child might not even understand that there is a problem. Therefore, jumping straight into pronouncing one and trying to give advice will block the possibility of building trust and a good relationship.‏

‏Our New City teen therapy practice counselors allow situations to come up gradually. That way, we approach each challenge more like a question rather than a conclusion. Once we arrive at a roadblock, we explore it together and decide what to call it. That way, the child will participate willingly in the process of determining what to change. Once that happens, the therapist steps in and takes a more definitive approach, helping the child explore possible solutions. It is essential to ensure that the child is a willing participant throughout all of our sessions.

You Passed Through This Phase, and Your Teen Will Get Through it Too

‏If you decide to bring your child to our teen therapy sessions, rest assured you’re not overreacting.‏
‏Because your child will already be at their lowest, it’s better to consider possible solutions rather than fear what might happen if you suggest something they are unwilling to do. Fortunately, our teen therapy sessions are highly effective; therefore, you will get your relationship back in no time at all.‏

‏Your child’s journey to finding themselves is not easy, so they need all the support they can get. ‏At Courageous Kids Counseling, we offer the support and knowledge needed to professionally provide teen therapy that will help your loved one.

My Child is Resistant to Counseling‏

‏Not all children will welcome the idea of going for counseling with open arms, so it’s natural for your child to be resistant at first. All they will be doing is trying to protect themselves. During our teen therapy sessions in New City, when your child is upset, instead of being reactive and judgmental, we lead with curiosity and use reflective statements to try and get them on board.

That way, your child will feel like they are in control, and this will get them to let their guard down. ‏

The main aim of Courageous Kids Counseling therapy sessions is to establish a real relationship with your teen, which is essential to a better outcome. ‏

Teen in need of teen therapy, New City, NY

What if my teen is resistant to counseling?

It is natural for your teen to push back or shut down initially during counseling. You can think of this as a protective mechanism for them. We approach teen therapy from the lens of being less reactive and judgmental when a teen gets upset. Instead, we lead with curiosity and use reflective statements and questions.

This allows your teen to feel less defensive and to be more in control. Our goal is to build an authentic relationship which will lead to be a better outcome.

Teen in need of teen therapy, New City, NY

Your Child Should be Your Ally‏

As a parent, it’s natural for you to want to know what’s going on during their Teen Therapy sessions. However, we understand that your teen’s confidentiality matters, and they must be able to fully trust that the therapist will not go behind their back and betray them. Therefore, if you want to know anything, you must discuss it with your child present to avoid surprises. This way, your child will feel supported and safe throughout all their therapy.

It’s Not Too Late For Your Teen to Change‏
‏Don’t lose hope. Your child is facing a period of growth and development, and this can be pretty challenging mentally, physically, and emotionally. Through teen counseling, your child can learn to approach situations differently, which will get them thinking more like an adult. ‏

‏Taking your child to Courageous Kids Counseling is the first step in helping them cope with situations and have a more positive outlook on life. 

Teen in therapy, New City, NY

Want to know where to start?

In our work together, we will uncover what is missing from your child’s life, what’s holding them back in worry and despair, and what are the ways we can help them move toward a place of happiness and fulfillment.

We provide convenient online sessions.

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