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Substance Abuse Counseling

Unchain Yourself For A Brighter Future.

Are You Turning To Substances To Mask Your Pain?

Do you try to turn your emotions off with alcohol or drugs? With the issues you are facing, are you looking for some relief but end up feeling worse? Does it feel as if your coping mechanisms are spiraling out of control?

You never intended for your habits to get to this point. It likely started innocently with a drink after work to unwind from a stressful day. Now, it may be that you can’t go a day without picking up a bottle or glass of wine at night—and you can never seem to stop at just one.

Or perhaps a social event caused you to feel pressure to try recreational drugs. And while you thought it was a one-time thing, it has now turned into a high that you can’t stop chasing.

Maybe you went through a medical procedure or were prescribed painkillers to help ease your pain. It was only supposed to be temporary, but now your body and mind crave the overall effects that prescription drugs give you.

As you struggle with overcoming your addiction, you may notice that areas of your life are suffering. You don’t mean to be so argumentative with those closest to you, but you can’t stop the anger you feel from manifesting itself. Alternatively, you may be withdrawing from your friends or family, desiring nothing more than to be left alone.

Wanting the next fix, your everyday life and responsibilities are probably the last thing on your mind. So you neglect work and family, electing instead to focus your energy on finding relief that ultimately never lasts.

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All you want is not to hurt, but finding the way out seems impossible. You can live your life without being chained to your addiction. Working with an addiction counselor can help you live a happier and healthier life.

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Turning To Substance Use Is Common For Those In Pain

We all want to find relief when we are stressed. However, as life becomes more stressful and responsibilities increase, finding time to relax seems like another item on the to-do list. Wanting relief but not having time to invest in self-care is a typical reason why so many people seek quick fixes.

Becoming addicted to drugs isn’t something people think can happen to them. However, addiction usually starts out very innocently with an indulgence here and there. But as more time passes and our bodies become dependent on the habit, the harder it becomes to prevent the behavior from becoming compulsive.

In our culture, it is accepted that people will use alcohol or substances. However, noticing the signs of drug or alcohol abuse is not something many will recognize in their loved ones or friends; most of the time, they may not even see it in themselves. And as the addiction continues without treatment, the person going through it spirals more out of control.

As prescription drug and alcohol use continues to rise, the need for treatment for these addictions has also increased. Unfortunately, seeking counseling for substance abuse has more stigma around it than the usage itself. As a result, many will not seek help until their addiction has evolved into a crisis.

Masking pain with drugs or alcohol may seem like a good idea when you are in pain. You likely tell yourself that it’s just temporary, but you’ve already reached a point where you have no motivation to change. You may feel like you are fixing the issues, but all it does is mask them without actually addressing the cause.

It can be hard to admit that you or someone you love needs help with addiction recovery. But, going to counseling for substance abuse can be the first step to finding healthy ways to cope with emotional pain.

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Treatment For Substance Abuse Can Help You With Your Pain In A Healthier Way

Our addiction counselors at Courageous Kids Counseling know how difficult it can be to admit when you need help with a substance abuse problem. As human beings, we tend to be overly self-reliant to the point that we think we can solve all of our problems on our own.

Addiction counseling lets you take a step back and realize the effects substance abuse has on you, your family, and your friends. It can give you a new perspective on your motivations for using and identify the positive changes you can make. Counseling can also help you realize what you could potentially be missing out on if addiction continues to interrupt your life.

During our intake session, we’ll discuss your history and how much your alcohol or drug addiction has taken over your life. As we learn more about your struggles with substance abuse, we will help you set goals specific to what you would like to achieve through treatment. Understanding why the problem developed is helpful, however, it is more important to know the impact it has on your life and what you can do to change this.

To encourage change, we use a therapeutic process called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for addiction treatment. CBT allows you to recognize how negative thoughts have contributed to your addiction. Not only will CBT help you identify those maladaptive thoughts, but it will also provide you with a chance to counteract them with something more realistic and self-affirming. Doing this will help you feel more optimistic about your life and allow you to see the positives in changing your behavior.

We also use what is known as a harm reduction approach in our counseling for substance abuse. That means—no matter where you are on this journey, our therapy sessions will provide you with a judgment-free space in which to heal and grow without fear. We are committed to ensuring that anybody who needs help can receive it.

By going to therapy, you will learn better coping skills to manage any anxiety, depression, or trauma symptoms that may be driving your compulsive behaviors. As you discover how to cope with issues in life in healthier ways, you will understand more clearly how substance use only masks your pain without treating the source of it.

We understand how badly substance abuse may be hurting you or someone you care for. Taking the first step to getting back on the right path is something most struggle with. We understand how badly substance abuse may be hurting you or someone you care for, but there is a path toward a better future.

Working with one of our highly trained addiction counselors can help you break free from substance use disorders and reclaim your life for yourself. In the process, you’ll be safeguarding your family, your career, and your overall well-being. With a little work on your end, substance abuse counseling can help you become your true self.

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Maybe you still have questions about seeking help for your addiction problem

I’ve been told I have a problem, but I honestly don’t think I am doing anything wrong.

It can be frustrating to feel as if we are being criticized or judged by other people. We want to be left alone to live our lives the way we see fit. It can be hard to take a deep look inside ourselves and admit that we have a problem. Instead of feeling frustrated when someone says this to you, look at it this way—you have people in your life who care about you. You may feel alone, but you don’t have to go through the struggle of addiction by yourself.

My struggle with substance abuse isn’t as bad as others. Do I really need treatment?

It’s normal to look at the lives of others and compare ourselves to them. While the problems you face may not seem as big as other people’s, that does not mean your issues aren’t significant. Even if you don’t technically have an addiction – for instance, if you are a gray area drinker – counseling can still help you learn how to self-regulate your drinking and resolve any underlying issues or emotions motivating your behaviors. That way, you can learn to enjoy yourself responsibly.

I’m ashamed it has gotten this far. I don’t want anyone knowing I am in treatment.

Our sessions are confidential and private. If you don’t want to tell anyone you are receiving treatment, you don’t have to. And as an added layer of privacy, we also offer online telehealth sessions that are 100 percent HIPAA-compliant so you can meet with us discreetly from wherever you feel most comfortable.

Counseling For Substance Abuse Will Help You Find Clarity In Your Life Again

If you believe you or someone you love is battling addiction, we will uncover what is missing from your life, what’s holding you back in worry and despair, and what are the ways we can help you move toward a place of happiness and fulfillment.
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