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Couples Therapy

A path back towards each other.

Do You No Longer Emotionally Connect With Your Partner?

Is there a lot of pressure in your relationship? Does it feel as if you are pulling away from each other unintentionally? Are you wanting to repair your relationship but don’t know how?

Perhaps you are struggling to communicate effectively in your relationship. Not seeing eye-to-eye, you may misinterpret each other due to lack of good communication. And as a result, you might be arguing more frequently.

Or maybe the pressure of balancing life, raising kids, and managing your careers has left little time for you to have long conversations with one another. At one time, you told each other everything, but now it seems as if you can barely squeeze in more than five words.

On the other hand, maybe there was an affair in the relationship, and now, there is likely little trust left between the two of you. Even though you both would like to mend the relationship, moving on after infidelity can be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

You both may be using the past to vindicate the attitudes and responses you have to one another in the present. And while you know it’s unfair to your partner, you can’t seem to abate the arguments you keep finding yourself in.

As your relationship is standing on shaky ground, you may feel as if your partner no longer appreciates or values you. Feeling misunderstood, the space between you might feel like a gap that will never close. You realize that you need to spend more time with one another, but participating in the activities the other likes seems more like a chore than a joy.

Navigating relationships isn’t easy, but couples counseling can help you break past the barriers that are damaging it.

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Most Couples Struggle With Emotional Bonds

At some point, every relationship will go through trials that impact the strength of its connection. There are a lot of stressors in life that can cause problems in a marriage or relationship.

Truthfully, most couples will inevitably argue or reach a point where they just can’t make sense of one another. Add in financial pressure, work-related stress, and raising children in this crazy world, and it’s no surprise that there can be a lot of friction between couples.

Each person in a relationship has responsibilities they must tend to, but these can often sap their energy, leaving little time for anything else. Struggling to maintain the status quo, this lack of energy may also lead to one or both partners being unhappy.

The outside world does little to help the situation. We are constantly bombarded with images on social media of seemingly perfect couples who have it all together. Empowering quotes and the popular #relationshipgoals hit us from every angle. And when we don’t see these goals reflected in our relationship, it leads to the perpetual feeling of not being enough.

On top of that, everyone comes with past baggage that can affect the health of our current relationships. Unintentionally, we use our past to justify the reactions we have when something doesn’t go our way, which only leaves both sides feeling frustrated and unworthy.

At the end of the day, most issues couples face boil down to lack of communication. And to avoid further conflict, we often avoid bringing up what is bothering us. All this does is lead to more turmoil and misunderstanding as we struggle to figure out why our partner just doesn’t get us anymore.

Fortunately, couples therapy can help strengthen the bonds of your relationship so that you can focus on what matters most—each other.

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Couples Therapy Can Help You Repair Your Connection

As experienced couples therapists, we understand that it can be hard for you to seek outside support for your issues. But therapy can provide a safe space for you to look at problems from a new perspective. Free from distractions, counseling provides a place to communicate and focus on each other and express your emotions in ways that may be harder to do at home.

Our first session is a consultation to help us discuss the difficulties you are facing as a couple. During this intake session, we will consider each of your histories, attachment issues, and how your problems have evolved. Then, we will define what goals you want to achieve, discuss how committed you are to the process, and strategize ways to accomplish your goals and reach a healthier relationship.

We approach therapy through evidence-based methodologies. Primarily, we use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in couples counseling, which can help couples recognize and challenge negative patterns in their relationship. Cynical thoughts and behaviors have likely affected your relationship without you realizing it. But by challenging these unfavorable patterns, you can replace the way you currently think with more positive thoughts and behaviors.

As you progress in your sessions, the patterns of relating to each other that have kept you stuck in the past will become clear. And when you begin to break through and change these damaging aspects of your relationship, you will notice that your connection with each other starts to heal as well. It won’t be overnight, but you will notice that the way you interact with each other is slowly changing for the better.

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Ultimately, the goal of counseling is to help you learn the effective communication skills couples need to succeed. While the problems you are facing in your relationship may be significant, that does not mean they are impossible to overcome. Your relationship does not have to be defined by your struggles.

Working with a couples counselor can help you and your partner develop a better outlook for the future. It is never too late to begin the process of trying to reconnect with your partner. Whether you are seeking support for your marriage or a long-term relationship, counseling can empower you and your partner to achieve greater intimacy.

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You May Still Have Concerns About Couples Therapy…

I think my relationship is beyond repair.

It’s normal to reach a point where you feel like nothing can improve your relationship. But the fact that you are here looking for support is a great sign that you can save it. You are at the starting point of trying to figure out what you can do to improve your bond with your partner and that, deep down, you still believe in them.

What if my partner doesn’t want to attend couples counseling?

You can’t force someone to go to therapy if they don’t want to. But you can provide the doorway needed to see a better future for your marriage or relationship. Letting your partner know you want to try will send them the message that you are willing to put the work in to improve your relationship. It will send the signal that your love is worth fighting for.

I’m afraid counseling won’t help us.

Negative thoughts and patterns are likely what has caused you to not seek support in the first place. Instead, why don’t you try to view counseling from a fresh perspective? Therapy is your time to heal and to help repair your bond so that your relationship can thrive. You’ve taken the first step, now try to be optimistic and see the potential in therapy.

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Counseling For Couples Can Mend The Bond You Have With Your Partner

In our work together, we will uncover what is missing from your life, what’s holding you back in worry and despair, and what are the ways we can help you move toward a place of happiness and fulfillment.
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